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How to maintain my screen

1. Do not keep your phones, keys, and cards together in one pocket, since keys and cards are so hard that may scratch the phone screen.
2. Keep your phone away from rain or water mist. It would not only cause damage to phone screen but also to electronic components inside handsets under wet condition for a long time.
3. If your phone screen accidentally got oil stain or sweat on it, it is better to remove it at once because some electrolytes like water would seep into the screen, causing the touch screen to not respond.
4. Place your phone away from sound box or other magnetic objects, since capacitive touch screen would temporarily fail or get permanent malfunction after a long time contact with magnetic objects.
5. Wipe the phone screen with a soft dry cloth with screen cleaner regularly to avoid dust from getting inside. This can also make your screen clean and clear.

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